Fruity Juicy Detox (15’s)


Fruity Juicy Detox (15’s)

Fruity Juicy Detox is a scientifically tested, effective and safest body detox supplement. It is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process used by the body to transport, detoxify and excrete waste materials and other toxic substances from the body. The utilisation of kiwi and lemon is the first detox combination that published in the market and this make Fruity Juicy Detox become a pioneer detox supplements. It challenges you to beat the record of 7 pounds lost in a week and promises to detoxify and sculpt your body. Try Fruity Juicy Detox to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to ensure you achieve optimal detoxification results. You’ll love the taste, the way it’s work and the results!
• The Natural Step toward Better Health
• Enriched with kiwi & lemon – Brings you a full range of 100% natural and fresh fruits with the highest standards approved
• 11 types of active ingredients – cleansing your whole body gently, selectively and efficiently
• All the ingredients are periodically reviewed for taste and quality to insure authenticity and purity
• Formulated with an advanced innovative technology from France – BubbleMelt Tech.
• Production is under the strictest and most stringent manufacturing practice
• Formulated to meet the high demands and standards of the industry
• Over time, we are exposed to a myriad of foreign chemicals both commercially synthesized and naturally occurring in our environment. 
• The build-up of toxins from the environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way our bodies work and even lead to health issues.
• To maintain good health every person should undergo an effective detoxification program on a regular basis to purge out pollutants that accumulate in cells and organs. 
• Safe and effective 
• 100% natural ingredient 
• No preservatives 
• Excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins & minerals 
• Natural antioxidants 
• Suitable for vegan 
• Comprehensive inner cleansing program 
FRUITY JUICY DETOX – Here’s how it works? 
Fruity Juicy Detox contains 11 active ingredients that act together as an effective body cleanse. This combination of detoxification and elimination works to make you cleanse your body, lose weight and feel great fast!
Step 1: Improve bowel movement to flush out wastes and toxins
Step 2: Neutralize stomach acid to relieve stomach gas
Step 3: Remove sluggish waste materials on the intestinal wall
Step 4: Disinfect, soothe and heal the mucous membrane lining
Step 5: Reduces excess body weight through drainage and purification processes 
• Body Health 
• Cleansing the body of toxins 
• Regular bowel movement 
• Improved digestive conditions including flatulence, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea 
• Better nutrients absorption 
• Less body odour 
• Body Sculpture 
• Better weight management 
• Flatten your tummy 
• Skin Health 
• Healthier skin condition 
• Brighter and glowing complexion 
• Whitens skin and eliminates impurities within the skin layers 
Fruity Juicy Detox is produced in accordance with health supplements standards. It contains the unique formulation, which is a proprietary blend of high-quality fruits and botanical extract combined in the right proportions required for an effective body detoxification. With no added sugar, artificial colouring and preservative, the formula ensures all organs receive adequate support to withstand the amount of toxin charging into the body and convert them into easy waste to be excreted. Unlike any other detox products marketed that only target on stimulating bowel movement, Fruity Juicy Detox provides optimal support that your entire body needed for detoxification by promoting a more comprehensive inner cleansing process. This all-in-one detoxification mechanism richly packed into convenient in order to help you restore a healthier and lighter body.
With extensive research and studies with over 200 people in 3 years intensive trials carried out by a team of nutritionists from France, Fruity Juicy Detox has been scientifically proven to successfully detox your body from toxins and waste materials in the body without eliminating essential minerals. The results of taking Fruity Juicy Detox are astounding as below:
Kiwi powder, lemon flash powder, green tea powder, aloe vera gel powder, chlorophyll powder, psyllium husk, licorice root extract, guar gum, ascorbic acid, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid
Mix 1 sachet with 150 – 200 ml of water and consume before bedtime.
1. Why do we need to detoxify? 
Unfortunately we live in an environment and society that have made toxins more and more difficult for our bodies to detoxify efficiently and naturally. Over time, the toxins will accumulate at parts of our body and remain circulating in the blood and lymph systems, and longer term will cause unnecessary burden to your organs. Fruity Juicy Detox therefore provides some assistance to our bodies in eliminating these harmful substances and promotes a healthier you.
2. Who will benefit most from taking Fruity Juicy Detox? 
It is suitable for everyone, especially for those who: 
• want to manage their body weight 
• frequently eat out 
• consume less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
• have low fibre, high fat, high salt and high cholesterol diet 
• always have burping, flatulence, bloating, gastric, diarrhoea, constipation or other digestive ailments 
• have dull and lifeless skin complexion 
• with bad breath or body odour 
3. How long does it take to see the effects of Fruity Juicy Detox?
The effects may vary from case to case as every individual reacts differently and practice different lifestyle and eating habits. In general, after taking Fruity Juicy Detox, you can experience relief of constipation or intestinal discomfort in 6 to 10 hours. For optimal cleansing and health, it is advisable that you consume Fruity Juicy Detox every day with 2 to 3 litre of water in order to make detox an on-going routine.
4. Will Fruity Juicy Detox cause diarrhoea?
No. This is because Fruity Juicy Detox does not contain any laxatives. It promotes peristalsis mildly and effectively by removing the waste materials, toxins and fat in our body. Furthermore, it also does not induce dependence on the gut or cause severe abdominal pain. 
5. Can Fruity Juicy Detox also help in slimming?
Due to the fact that toxins are fat soluble, they have an affinity for fat cells. Thus, this can damage the Leptin receptors in the brain and lead to Leptin resistance. Leptin resistance will cause excess weight maintained in the body. Therefore, Fruity Juicy Detox is created to help your body get rid of toxins and excess faecal matter out of the body, ease the burden on your body and allow metabolism to increase, resulting in slimming effect. 
CONTENT: 15g x 15 sachets/box
ORIGIN: Formulated in France
• Not recommended for pregnant lady, lactating mothers, patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and individual that is below 18 and above 60 years old
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Avoid from heat source and sunlight exposure
• Keep out of reach of children
来自于法国最先进科技 ☆BUBBLE MELT☆
Fruity Juicy Detox
Fruity Juicy Detox是一个具有科学验证、有效和安全的身体排毒补充品。它是为了增强人体的自然代谢排毒能力研制而成的,这包括了帮助身体把废物和其他有毒物质从体内运输至排出体外。利用奇异果和柠檬作为首创的排毒组合是让Fruity Juicy Detox在市面上成为排毒先锋的主要原因。同时,它也向您表明在一个星期内减轻7磅体重的挑战,并承诺用健康排毒的方式为您塑造完美身段。不妨尝试Fruity Juicy Detox所带给您身体的必需营养以确保您实现排毒的最佳效果。您一定会爱上它的味道、运作方式以及效果!
富含奇异果和柠檬 – 为您带来全方位且拥有最高标准的100%纯天然、新鲜的 水果
11种活性成分 – 温和、选择性和高效地帮助您全身排毒
配方由来自法国的先进且创技术所研制而成的 – BubbleMelt技术
• 安全而有效
• 100%纯天然成分
• 不含防腐剂
• 是膳食纤维、维生素和矿物质的很好来源
• 天然抗氧化剂
• 适合素食者
• 全面的体内排毒程序
Fruity Juicy Detox所包含的11种活性成分相互采取行动并有效地在体内进行排毒。这样的排毒组合可以让您洁净您的身体、瘦身以及快速地体验其效果!
Fruity Juicy Detox是最创新的排毒饮料。它是由法国最先进的技术 – BubbleMelt所制成的,这为Fruity Juicy Detox的服用者提供了一贯高水平的安全性、有效性和舒适性。而在决定生产过程中所使用的技术前,了解我们身体内的毒素反应是很重要的。
毒素在体内可阻碍减肥。当毒素进入您的身体时,他们有着与脂肪细胞的亲和力,这是因为它们是脂溶性的性质。因此,体重增加是避不可免的。 BubbleMelt是一个有效且前卫的技术。这项技术能够将Fruity Juicy Detox中的有效成分直接运输到消化系统和皮下脂肪层以进行集成和分解过程。此技术也促使当中的有效成分与大肠内的水分结合并加以吸收。这样可以通过刺激肠道蠕动使废物软化,并易于贯穿肠道以排出体外。此外, BubbleMelt也改进其有效成分的被吸收性质,好让我们身体内的脂肪细胞能够被吸收并进行分解。
• 健康的身体
• 排除体内毒素
• 定时排便
• 改善消化状况,如胀气、腹胀、便秘或腹泻或
• 更好的营养吸收
• 减少体臭
• 完美身段
• 更好的体重管理
• 平坦的肚腩
• 健康的肌肤
• 健康的皮肤状况
• 白皙亮丽的肤色
• 美白肌肤和消除皮肤层内的杂质
为什么Fruity Juicy Detox是您最好的选择?
Fruity Juicy Detox是按照保健品的生产标准而研制的。它包含了独特的配方,经过高品质的水果和植物提取物的完美比例,它们的相互结合造就了有效的人体排毒方法。它不含添加糖人造色素和防腐剂,此方程式确保所有的器官得到足够的支持以承受当体内毒素转换成易被排出体外的废物的过程。与市面上只会专注于刺激肠胃蠕动的排毒产品相比,Fruity Juicy Detox为您提供全身体的所需以及最完善的排毒方式。这个全面的排毒运作模式将注入方便包装里以帮助您恢复健康、轻盈的身躯。
经过广泛的调查和研究,由一队来自于法国的专业营养师为200名自愿者进行了三年的密集试验。经过科学的验证,Fruity Juicy Detox 成功为您体内的毒素与废物排出体外而仍然可以保持体内的必需矿物质。
使用Fruity Juicy Detox 的指示:
把一小袋与150 – 200毫升的水搅匀并在睡前服用。
不幸的是,我们生活在一个越来越多的毒素环境和社会,所以我们的身体会难以有效地进行自然排毒。随着时间的过去,这些毒素会积聚在我们的身体的某些部分,并保持在血液和淋巴系统里进行循环,长远来说,这会为您的器官造成不必要的负担。因此,Fruity Juicy Detox帮助我们的身体把这些有害物质排出体外以建造更健康的您。
2.服用了Fruity Juicy Detox后,谁将会受益最多?
• 想要管理体重
• 经常在外进餐
• 每天消耗少于五份水果和蔬菜
• 用于低纤维、高脂肪、高盐和高胆固醇的饮食习惯
• 总是有打嗝、胀气、腹胀,胃痛、腹泻、便秘等消化系统疾病
• 有着暗沉和毫无生气的肤色
• 有口臭或体臭
3. 服用多久才能看见其效果?
由于每一个人的生活方式和饮食习惯都不一样,所以其效果会因情况而异。在一般的情况下,在服用了Fruity Juicy Detox后,您会在6至10小时内体验到缓解便秘或肠道不适的感觉。为了拥有最佳的排毒和健康,我们建议您每天服用Fruity Juicy Detox和饮用2至3公升的水份以便让排毒成为您生活的一部分。
4. 服用Fruity Juicy Detox 会造成腹泻吗?
不会。这是因为Fruity Juicy Detox不含任何泻药。它通过促进温和而有效地肠蠕动以去除体内的废物、毒素以及脂肪。此外,它也不会让肠道过于依赖其效性或引起剧烈的腹痛。
5. Fruity Juicy Detox 也可以帮助减肥吗?
由由于毒素是属于脂溶性,所以它们拥有对脂肪细胞的亲合力。因此,这会损坏在大脑中的瘦素接收体,从而导致瘦素抵抗。而瘦素抵抗会造成多余的重量维持在体内。因此,Fruity Juicy Detox的研发是为了帮助您排除体内的毒素和多余的排泄物、减轻身体的负担以及增加代谢率,从而呈现出减肥的效果。




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