About Us 关于我们

As Oscar Wilde said, “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight.” Nature Mori is the moonlight for the makers, the crafters, and the dreamers of this world.

We are THE homegrown retail and wholesale online store that provides DIY personal care and therapeutic craft materials, as well as ready-made essential oil blends, soaps, candles, and more. The tools and ingredients that we offer allow our dreamers to create their own soul-soothing DIY personal care products with the highest quality craft products and materials.

Nature Mori was kickstarted by my passion for creating natural products and living an incredible, healthy lifestyle. I ventured into the world of DIY steroid-free body and skincare products, as well as certified Aromatherapy, soap, and candle-making courses. My desire to continue learning and investing in myself flowed naturally into my desire to offer the best skincare products to help my family and friends. As I learned and helped others, I realized that my life had become more fulfilling and meaningful. It dawned on me that I could do even more good for people’s lives by teaching them all that I had learned and ensuring that everyone could gain access to natural skincare, as well as afford great quality essential oils.

At Nature Mori, we continually strive to be a people-first company, which is why our goal is to have a great impact on as many people as possible. Operating with absolute integrity and transparency, we never assume to be “good enough.” Instead, we at Nature Mori keep flexibility in the front of our minds and are always on the lookout for ways that we can grow.

All of our ready-made products are made with fine ingredients, such as 100% pure essential oils, herbs, and more. Our ready-made soaps use premium-quality palm wax with excellent scent throws. Every scent has been hand-picked and creates a luxury experience. Our candle melts are associated with essential oils. The fragrances will fill your home with luxury scents to soothe your heart, mind, and soul. We work hard to bring you only the best material, and every one of our products is crafted with tons of passion and love.

Every product that we bring in is a product that we can be proud of, and you can rest assured that we NEVER sacrifice quality for price. All raw materials come from reputable sources and organic claims have been verified.

Cheers to the simple life.

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